Digital Twins for Virtual Commissioning

Commission faster, earlier, and with less risk by taking a virtual approach to system integration.

A Digital Twin is a virtual representation of your product, and the perfect companion to lower the risks involved in machine-level system integration.

However, creating a traditional, data-driven Digital Twin is expensive, which can exclude many of the companies best served by them. Now, modern design tools can create model-driven Digital Twins to assist in all stages of product design, and are essential for virtual commissioning.

A model-driven Digital Twin can help you realize many of the benefits of a data-driven Digital Twin, without having to manage the challenges of expensive sensors, data collection, and black-box behavioral algorithms. Additionally, because it doesn't need test data to predict behavior, it can be used for conceptual design before any physical prototype has been constructed. Once a design has been chosen, it can be connected to your controllers to test integration in a virtual commissioning phase, ironing out the issues you'd otherwise find on the production floor.

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Make Virtual Commissioning your Reality

  • Digital Twin Creation with CAD Import
  • Custom-Built Apps for Design, Sales, and Operations
  • Tools for Component Sizing
  • Trade-off Studies and Optimization
  • Digital Twin Interaction with Automation Software
  • Customized Training Courses and Contract Staff