MapleSim™ Connector for LabVIEW™ and NI VeriStand™ Software

MapleSim™ Connector for LabVIEW™
and NI VeriStand™ Software

With the MapleSim Connector for LabVIEW™ and NI VeriStand™ Software, you can extend your NI LabVIEW and NI VeriStand applications by integrating MapleSim's high-performance, multi-domain environment into your existing toolchain.

  • Complex engineering system models can be developed and optimized rapidly in the intuitive visual modeling environment of MapleSim.
  • The high-performance, high-fidelity MapleSim models are automatically converted to user-code blocks for easy inclusion in your LabVIEW VIs and NI VeriStand Applications.
  • The model code is fully optimized for high-speed real-time simulation, allowing you to get the performance you need for hardware-in-the-loop (HIL) testing without sacrificing fidelity.

Key Features

  • Exports any MapleSim model to LabVIEW and NI VeriStand.
  • Creates ANSI C code blocks for fast execution within LabVIEW, NI VeriStand, and the corresponding real-time platforms.
    • Code blocks are created from the symbolically simplified system equations produced by MapleSim, resulting in compact, highly efficient models.
    • The resulting code is further optimized using the powerful optimization tools in Maple, ensuring fast execution.
  • Produces blocks for complicated systems that are not normally tractable, such as systems that include algebraic loops or have index-2 or higher DAEs.
  • Generates multi-input and multi-output blocks with a user-definable parameter terminal, so the block can be used immediately once created.
  • Supports models that include MapleSim custom components, automatically incorporating any user-defined procedures.
  • Provides an easy-to-use MapleSim template with an intuitive step-by-step interface for setting parameters and options, browsing generated code, and exporting models to LabVIEW and NI VeriStand.
  • Includes a set of Maple language commands, which provides programmatic access to all functionality as an alternative to the interactive interface and supports custom application development.
  • Supports both the External Model Interface (EMI) and the Simulation Interface Toolkit (SIT).
  • Allows generated block code to be viewed and modified.
  • Automatically generates an HTML help page for each block for easy lookup of definitions and parameter defaults.


The MapleSim Connector for LabVIEW™ and NI VeriStand™ Software accelerates any project that requires high-fidelity engineering models for hardware-in-the-loop applications, such as component testing and electronic controller development and integration.

Mean-Value Internal Combustion Engine Model

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The development of high-fidelity predictive models of vehicle engines is a major preoccupation of powertrain engineers. By developing virtual prototypes of their engine designs, automotive manufacturers can obtain tremendous insight into the behavior of the engine. This insight is particularly valuable during controller design and development, to maximize vehicle performance while complying with governmental and ecological constraints. Doing this analysis before investing in the physical prototyping stages has been proven to save significant time and substantially reduce costs during the product development process.

  • Mean-Value Internal Combustion Engine Model with MapleSim
  • Simulink® S-Function Generation from MapleSim
  • Real-Time Execution in LabVIEW™
  • Real-Time Execution in NI Veristand™